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Sam I Am Green Eggs and Ham

This nOde last updated January 14th, 2005 and is permanently morphing...
(5 Ik' (Wind) / 5 Muwan (Owl) - 122/260 -

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Dr. Seuss

not quite "emo", i had dubbed them "crycore".  a very  infectious feel to the band, thanks to Sergie's wistful guitar.  a child's existential cry and yell yearning for flight.  at one point my all time favorite band around 1992, even beating out internal linkRites Of Spring.  members are offspring from the original Gilman St. heyday.  personal space/time internal linkrelevancy - 1989 through 1993, peaking with _Soar_.  there was a point where all the L.A. freaks couldn't set up a decent show for them, and there was a 15 month wait.  finally in Riverside at Spanky's Cafe, it was one of the most memorable shows with everyone singing the lyrics to Soar.   - @Om* 12/12/00

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Samiam - Soar

_Beauf_ CDatomjacked inventory cache on Beri Beri (1991)

_Billy_ CDatomjacked inventory cache on New Red Archives (1992)
Samiam - Billy
_Stump_ 7"atomjacked inventory cache on Blackbox (1992)
(acoustic versions) _Clumsy_ promoCDatomjacked inventory cache on Atlantic (1994)
Samiam - Clumsy
_Underground_ EP 12"atomjacked inventory cache  New Red Archives (1989) NRA17
Samiam - Underground

s/t 12"atomjacked inventory cache on New Red Archives (1990) NRA16

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"make the connection with the Son of Sam and Uncle Sam, Samiam, keep your fucking eggs and ham, performing internal linkalien brain internal linkscans, and spiritual exams, while the mothership lands on holy land, my internal linknetwork expands with plans to span through the galaxy..." - _Omnicron_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache (featuring apathy the alien internal linktongue and the internal linksun pharaoh) by internal linkJedi Mind Tricks off of _The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, and internal linkElectro-Magnetic Manipulation of Human Consciousness_ 

Jedi Mind Tricks

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We all dressed in black we snuck up around the back
We began to attack the eggs did crack on Haze's back
Sam I am down with the program internal linkGreen eggs and ham Yosemite Sam
Come internal linkHalloween you know I come strapped     I throw it at a sucker K-pap

- _Egg Man_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache by The internal linkBeastie Boys off of _Paul's Boutique_ cassetteatomjacked inventory cache

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